Read through these questions before you send any mail to us, 99% of all questions have the answer right here!


Q. How do I get a password to this site?
A. You have to become a member. Click here to create a free account for yourself, fill in a username and a valid email address and the password is sent to your email address (you can change your password after you log in, look for 'user preferences' in the drop-down menu). And with the growing commercialization of the net I guess I need to add that registration and using divxsubtitles.net is FREE!

Q. It says my email is already in the database, but I haven't got any password from you?
A. If you want your password, try the 'Forgot my password' function on the first page! The reason for this could be that when I started the site, I uploaded over 500 subtitles myself and for giving the right person credits for his works I had to create a lot of accounts, it could be that you are one of them. Or it could be that somebody has used your email adress when he registered.

Q. I got an email from you but it was empty?
A. Strange, I have never encounted this problem, but please try the 'Forgot my password' link and see if you get your password this time. If you don't, send a mail (from the email you used to register with) to the admin.

Q. When I try to register I get an error, saying something about 'Type mismatch'?
A. This problem is related to Netscape and Opera, use IE5 or above to register.

Q. I have signed up and it said it would send me a mail, but I haven't got it yet?
A. Did you enter a valid email address? I get lots of mails from mailservers all over the world complaining that the account dosen't exist anymore or has no quota left! Make sure the email adress is valid, and there are no problems with your mail account. Also check in your 'Spam' or 'Bulk' mail folder, maybe the e-mail with the password ended up there. Some e-mail providers may block e-mail that they consider spam in a way that you will never see it, in this case you'll have to sign up using an e-mail address from a different e-mail provider. You can also try the 'Forgot my password' function on the first page to let the system resend you the password.
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